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At Bozzui, we provide comprehensive services to assist owner builders in successfully managing their construction projects. With expertise in the construction industry, Bozzui offers professional guidance and support throughout the entire construction process.

We will build your "Dream House"
We work all over United States

Construction Management for owner builder

This means that we will organize the entire process of building your house on your behalf and protect your interests at all stages - from choosing the architectural design of the house and the land plot to putting the house into operation and obtaining the final certificate of readiness of the house for settlement.

The main thing about your new home

Cost-construction and installation works from 150 USD per 1 square foot of house area
The price of the land plot
8-10 months
Construction period from the moment of obtaining a construction permit

Our Best Projects

The most popular projects of houses among our customers

(the price is shown without the cost of the land plot and construction management)

What we do for you

In the process of creating your new home
Selection of a land plot
We will help you in choosing a land plot and in conducting engineering exploration
Choosing a house project
We will advise you when choosing an architectural project of the house
We will prepare and coordinate with all services a complete package of documents for obtaining a construction permit
We will coordinate with all services a set of documents for obtaining a construction permit
We will draw up and submit a package of documents to the licensing authority (Building department)
We will draw up and submit a package of documents to the licensing authority (Building department) and promptly eliminate all comments for the fastest possible obtaining of a construction permit
Organization of the construction process
We professionally organize the construction process with the involvement of highly qualified and licensed specialists, we will provide full control over the timing and quality of construction work
Provision of construction materials
We will ensure timely delivery of all necessary materials at the best prices. Delivery of materials through our channels (accounts) will allow you to get the best materials at the lowest price (due to our discounts)
Passing inspections
We will ensure the passage of all necessary inspections
Financial control
We will provide control over the targeted use of your funds by contractors and subcontractors
Construction Progress Report
We will provide a detailed photo and video report on the progress of construction in real time

Ready-to-build facilities

on our best land plots





What is included in our services

Options that you will receive:














Ordering and receiving a survey (topographic plan)
Development and approval of a package of architectural and design documentation
Obtaining a construction permit
Obtaining permission to connect to utility networks
Clearing and preparation of land for construction
Construction of a house according to a pre-approved project
Internal work on the approved art design project
Installation and connection of all automatic systems
Doors and windows:

a) shockproof anti-fog windows and doors

b) shockproof anti-fog doors sliders

c) automatic shockproof garage door

Furniture and accessories:

a) fully equipped kitchen

b) fully equipped bathrooms

Installation and connection of household appliances:

a) refrigerator

b) microwave oven

c) gas/electric stove

d) dishwasher

Landscaping and landscaping according to the approved design project
WARRANTY on the main structural elements and automation (risk insurance)

About Us

At BOZZUI Construction, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional construction services. With years of industry experience, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to bringing your construction dreams to life.

Our company is built on a foundation of integrity, quality craftsmanship, and client satisfaction. We understand that each construction project is unique, and we approach every endeavor with a personalized touch. From residential to commercial projects, we have the expertise and resources to handle a wide range of construction needs.

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